Mandatory Styles Battles: Who Wore It Better, Olivia Wilde vs. Harry Styles

Two topics, in stark contrast with each other, have dominated recent news cycles: America’s startling political divide and, of course, that photograph of Olivia Wilde (36) and Harry Styles (26) holding hands (whilst both wearing Gucci). Yes, it would appear young Styles caught Wilde’s tenure on House, M.D. back in the day and thought, “just what the doctor ordered.” 

Following Wilde’s split from funnyman Jason Sudeikis, Styles and the actress have gone public with their relationship since meeting on the set of Don’t Worry Darling. Kudos. Nothing could be more uplifting than two beautiful people (with impeccable taste in fashion) getting together, saving money, and pulling from the same closet. Or at least we have to assume that’s part of the appeal. The couple has certainly worn similar outfits over the years, prompting us to do what is timely, relevant, and overtly necessary—pit their fits against one another. 

Cover Photo: BACKGRID

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If we’ve proven anything, it’s that the sartorial elegance of Wilde and Styles is more than compatible. She may have been doing it longer but he’s been doing it better. Like all good things, this battle was perfectly balanced. Look good, feel good—these (alleged) pillow pals look way too happy.

Overall Winner: Wyles (Tie)

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