82-Year-Old Grandma Gets First Tattoo, Never Too Late to Have Regrets Says This Video

Just because you have one foot in the grave doesn’t mean it’s too late to make bad decisions. Just look at this 82-year-old grandma who decided to get a tattoo to celebrate last chances at regrets.

Seriously, the “Tat Granny,” as Judy Dede of Columbia City, Indiana has come to be known, was flipping through a paper when she came across an article about a fellow octogenarian getting tatted up. That’s when she surprised her daughter Brandy O’Reilly with a sudden request.

@brandyoreilly #tatgranny #mygrannyrocks ♬ original sound – Brandy O’Reilly

Riley continued to document the entire process on TikTok as the legend of Tat Granny spread across the globe and millions of people started tuning in to see if she would go through with it. After about a month of pussyfooting, Dede finally rolled up her sleeves and headed down to the local ink parlor to make her regrets permanent.

If you’ve ever wanted to see an old lady nearly faint, check out the video below:

@brandyoreilly #october30th #everyonelovesgranny #makegrannyfamous #tatgranny #FYP #bucketlist #FortWayne ♬ original sound – Brandy O’Reilly

In the end, the entire family decided to get matching tattoos to commemorate the loss of Dede’s husband and their shared love of music. Once the Regret-a-thon transformed into a family affair it became an emotional journey for Dede, who revealed, “I don’t think I can even explain how I feel about that. It’s just … I’m going to cry. I just try to live each day as best I can because you just never know.”

As in, you never know when a perfectly ordinary day is going to suddenly be littered with a dumpster full of regrets you didn’t approve of. Unless, of course, you get out in front of it, grab the runaway dumpster by the horns and impale yourself on its gloriously bacteria-infested and rusted edges.

Thank you, Dede. For reminding us it’s never too late to drunk dial the ex-girlfriend who lit our bed on fire while we were sleeping in it and make amends. We don’t want to wait until we’re old and gray to fill our lives with mountains of regret. That would be most regrettable.

Cover Photo: TikTok


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