Meanwhile in Arizona: Teacher Who Sexually Abused Middle Schooler Now Tutoring Prison Inmates, A Lateral Move Likely Leading to Congressional Run

When life gives you lemons, make lemon meringue pie. That’s the impressive go-get-em attitude of one Arizona teacher who’s piggybacking on her 20-year prison sentence for sexually abusing a former student to become a tutor for fellow inmates.

You could say Brittany Zamora just really loves teaching. She was at Las Brisas Academy in Goodyear on her way to Teacher of the Year when she got arrested for sexually assaulting a 13-year-old student. Though highly inappropriate, it’s certainly one very hands-on way to teach about the birds and the bees.

Police were notified of the abuse after the student’s stepmom noticed he was shutting his door at night, which she thought was suspicious. Clearly, she’d never met a 13-year-old before. But her stepmotherly intuition paid off after she installed spyware on her kid’s phone and discovered some rather illicit messages from Mrs. Zamora.

Zamora plead guilty in 2019 and has since used her time behind bars to get her tutor certification. Now she’s educating other inmates on a range of academic subjects to continue her lifelong passion for learning. But don’t worry, the classrooms are always supervised by the watchful and trustworthy eyes of a corrections officer.

This pedagogical redemption story will make a great stepping stone if ever a run for office is in the cards. After all, when Zamora gets out of prison in 2038, Matt Gaetz will probably be a senior Congressman with a checkered past looking for a wizened old jailbird to join his committee for lowering the federal age of consent. You heard it here first.

Cover Photo: Maricopa County Police


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