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Brands Create ‘Dad Bod’ Clothing Line Because, Let’s Be Honest, These Guts Aren’t Going Anywhere

The dad bod is here to stay, so you might as well dress yours up. That’s the approach several clothing brands are taking to the gut-heavy physique that strikes men over 30 whether or not they actually have children.

True Classic is one online retailer catering to heavyset dudes. The company claims to make shirts that are flattering on bigger torsos and upper arms but hang loose around the belly.

“It’s tight on the chest and shoulders and then loose on the front for people with dad bods . . . you’re a DILF,” one of the brand’s ads reads.

In this hilarious True Classic commercial, a dude advises his buddy, “You’re not fat. It’s the shirt.”

Father of four and all-around big guy Christopher LeBlanc told The New York Post that True Classic made him a convert for the dad bod styles.

“It’s looser on the ‘dad bod’ parts, but I’m not swimming in the shirt,” LeBlanc said. “Clothing like this is long overdue. It’s about time there are more options for bigger guys to dress well.”

Fashion YouTuber Zac Fobbs agreed. “I’ve never actually seen a shirt fit me the way I thought it was going to. These clothes have a true-to-size feel and fall onto my body very nice. That isn’t common in the industry,” he told The Post.

50-year-old Glenn Hillman said dad bod tees are “possibly the greatest thing for an aging man.”

“It’s not just a shirt, it’s an overall difference in your appearance,” Hillman told The Post. “As men get older, there’s less options to improve their looks. Having shirts that fit well and show off the good stuff certainly helps men with the aging process.”

While some take offense at the term “dad bod,” claiming it’s just a euphemism for fat, we think it’s no more insulting than the old “big and tall” label often applied to men in the extra-large-and-beyond clothing sizes. These guts aren’t going anywhere, so we might as well wear comfortable and flattering clothes.

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