Wisconsin Teacher Arrested For Having Sex With Student At Hotel

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I know there are plenty of teachers out there who are awesome at their job and who actually teach our youth, but we don’t hear many stories of them because the news is being taken over by horny teachers. And we have yet another one of those teachers. This time around it’s 28-year-old Samantha Fitzpatrick, a now former teacher who taught at Ripon High School.

Fitzpatrick was recently arrested and charged with child enticement and sexual assault after it was discovered she was having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student. The relationship came to light after Ripon Police received a tip from someone who said she had information regarding an “inappropriate relationship” between Fitzpatrick and a student. The unidentified student then told police that he and Fitzpatrick had “done stuff” at a hotel in Ripon.

Photo: Ripon Police

Fitzpatrick at first denied that she was having a sexual relationship with the student, but police say they found “extensive electronic communication by phone including the use of Facebook Messenger.” Busted.

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The victim denied having a relationship with Fitzpatrick. He told police that she had given him rides and he had joked about having sex with her.

Phone records show 67 phone calls from the victim’s phone to Fitzpatrick’s phone. The victim’s phone number had been deleted from Fitzpatrick’s phone, but investigators were able to extract data. Officers were able to view Facebook messages between Fitzpatrick and the victim. The messages were sent between Nov. 2016 and May 2017.

The criminal complaint states that an officer saw “sexually graphic messages” between Fitzpatrick and the victim. The messages include descriptions of sex acts they would perform on each other. Some messages refer to apparent sexual encounters between the teacher and the student.

In some messages, Fitzpatrick expresses her love for the victim, according to the complaint. In one set of messages, Fitzpatrick appears to be soliciting sexually-explicit images from the victim.

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Fitzpatrick was soon arrested after. Fitzpatrick of course resigned from her position, too.

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