gender reveals
Beautiful young couple, pregnant wife and husband holding blue balloons to revile baby gender in nature on a sunny summer day

Ranked! The Most Disastrous Gender Reveals (That Prove This Tradition Needs to Die)

When will we ever learn? Gender reveals are always a bad idea (namely because you can’t predict a person’s gender, only their assigned sex), but as this cheesy pregnancy tradition becomes more and more popular and widespread, the ways parents-to-be feel the need to announce what genitals their child will have get whackier and whackier.

In fact, gender reveals have become downright dangerous in recent years, causing injury, property damage, and mortifying humiliation. But don’t let our opinion influence yours; just look at the litany of gender reveals-gone-wrong that populate the news. We’ve rounded up 8 of the most disastrous gender reveals and ranked them for your vicarious delight. (We will admit: it’s a long more fun reading about these horrific parties than having to attend them.)

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