Meanwhile In Florida: Homophobic Man Shoots Doctor For Making Him Orgasm During Prostate Exam

Nobody likes going to the doctor, especially for prostate exams, but we don’t hold that against the doctors themselves. Then again, we’re not from Florida. And one man from the Sunshine State didn’t like how his appointment with an MD went down – and shot him.

Let’s back up. The patient’s name is Milo Johanson and he’s a car salesman in Jacksonville. The dude’s beef? His doctor, Dr. Smith, gave him an orgasm during a prostate exam.

Apparently, this isn’t unusual. “The prostate is like a male G-spot and it carries semen, it is very sensitive so when it is touched and massaged you get an orgasm with almost no effort,” Dr. Smith explained.

Johanson is said to be deeply homophobic, though, so he must have felt unmoored when he accidentally shot his wad during the exam.

“I understand that Milo was shocked by what happened to him, an orgasm meant something sexual had taken place between us and he became very aggressive,” Dr. Smith said.

Johanson ordered the doctor to apologize and say “no homo,” a phrase the doctor was unfamiliar with. He tried to calm Johanson down, but the homophobe pulled his gun and shot Dr. Smith twice in the chest at close range.

The doctor has fully recovered but Johanson has not been seen since.

What we don’t get is why Johanson didn’t just appreciate that his procedure was not only painless, but pleasurable. What he should have done instead of shooting the doctor is gone home and showed his girlfriend how to do his new favorite move.

Photo: Terry J (Getty Images)

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