Mandatory Hall of Fame: Our 20 Best Mandatory Moments of 2020

2020 has been a wild year. From heroes lost (RIP Chadwick Boseman and Ruth Bader Ginsburg) to a contentious presidential election to some serious celebrity fails, there was no shortage of material for Mandatory writers.

As we do every year, we’ve looked back at the past 12 months of content and identified those stories that stand out, be it because of the subject matter, the writing style, or the laughs they incited. These Hall of Fame stories capture the best of what we brought to you in 2020 and they are oh-so-Mandatory. Read them all to remember the insanity that was this year, then let’s all agree to collectively forget 2020 ever happened.

Cover Photo: FilippoBacci (Getty Images)

Meanwhile in Florida: Toddler Gets Head Stuck in Toilet Seat, Dad Saves the Day With Saw

Meanwhile in Florida: College Student Jailed For Fish Photo, There Goes His Tinder Profile

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