Mandatory Movie Battles: Who Would Win in a Fight, John Wick or Neo?

Last month Stephen Colbert asked Keanu Reeves who would win in a fight: John Wick or Neo? It’s a question intrepid fans have debated the answer to ever since Reeves’ John Wick became as synonymous with his name as The Matrix. That said, it’s damn-near an impossible debate; not only is this true given their respective universes but because of the striking similarities between “The One” and “Baba Yaga”—they’d almost certainly grab a beer…err…red pill together. 

As Reeves put it, “They wouldn’t fight…but maybe John Wick would try to help Thomas Anderson in the real world.” Many have theorized that John Wick and Neo are, in fact, the same person—complicating this even further. For the sake of said argument (and this listicle), we’re going to attempt to do the impossible; in this edition of Mandatory Movie Battles, we’re throwing John Wick and Neo in the same universe (The Matrix trilogy) and having them duke it out. No tricks, leveraging of love interests or puppies, just bullet time and, well, bullets. 

Cover Photo: Lionsgate/Warner Bros. 

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Inside the Matrix, Neo is basically a God. Outside of the Matrix, John Wick is damn-near indestructible. That said, he’s still a man—Thomas Anderson aka Neo has a puncher’s chance (especially with his weird tech powers). John Wick could put up a fight, but he’s never winning in the virtual world against Neo.

Overall Winner: Neo

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