‘The Matrix’ Perfectly Predicted the Next 20 Years (Lord Knows What ‘Matrix 4’ Will Predict)

The Matrix came at the end of a crazy decade; the ’90s saw the internet become a thing. People were freaking out about Y2K, which was going to stump our computers and send the world into chaos. Then The Matrix was released in theaters. The 1999 film stirred our doomsday paranoia into one big fatty vat of futuristic chili. It said a lot about what our world might become, in a cyberpunk, EDM sort of way. Twenty years later it got a lot right. Not that we all live in a simulation (or do we?), but some brush strokes are consistent. With the recent announcement of a fourth Matrix movie, let’s look at some ways the original film predicted life today as well as some ways the new film could predict life 20 years from now.

Cover Photo: Warner Bros. 

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