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The Mandatory Guide to Going High When They Go Low (But Can We Go Just a Little Low?)

Try to remember back to July 2016, when we thought politics was at a low point. (Ha! If only we knew how low it would go!) At the Democratic National Convention, then-First Lady Michelle Obama took to the podium and gave one of the most moving speeches ever, from which one line stuck with everyone who was watching: “When they go low, we go high.”

The phrase is one Michelle and Barack Obama had to employ over and over again while in the White House as they were viciously attacked by right-wing nut-jobs – one of whom became the next president. Now, in the midst of another contentious election season, we find ourselves clinging to that motto…and kind of wishing we didn’t always have to be the only ones going high. (It’s lonely up here.) But we’re going to keep trying because the alternative is…well, President Trump. And nobody aspires to that.

“Going high isn’t just about the fight you want to win, but it’s also about the person you want to be — and the kind of country you want to have,” Michelle Obama said in a follow-up interview on her now trademark phrase. Lofty goals, indeed.

How do you keep going high despite the cesspool dwellers trying to pull you down to their depraved level? This guide will help you stay on the right (by which we mean “proper”) side of dignity – and history.

Cover Photo: Saul Loeb/AFP (Getty Images)

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