Is That Banana in Your Pocket Organic? And Other Updated Pick-Up Lines For Cultured People Who Hate Dating

We don’t blame you if you make a point of avoiding the dating scene like the coronavirus. But let’s face facts, humans were built to mingle, meaning one way or another, once that dry spell hits, you’re going to have to get out there and look for water. Because loneliness is like thirst. It can make you dizzy, irritable, confused, and eventually so absent of life-force that you collapse in agony for the vultures to pick apart. Don’t collapse in agony for the vultures to pick apart. Instead, master some of these 100 percent fresh and modern pick-up lines so you can cut through the noise at the bar and straight to the chase. Life is too short not to have a great opening line. So study our Shakespeare-level crushers below and soon you’ll be generating cultured repartee all on your own. Good luck out there and happy matchmaking.

Photo: Roy Mehta (Getty Images)

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