The Freaky States of America: A Fetish Map of the USA

It’s no secret that Americans like to get their freak on. As we’ve seen in PornHub stats, people in the USA have some fascinating sexual predilections. But if you thought BDSM was the extent of fetishes, you haven’t been paying attention. A new study by Future Method examined the most-Googled fetishes by state, and what it found will definitely surprise you. From arousing apparel to inserting inanimate objects in the most sensitive of nether regions, what gets people off is as unique as it is astounding. We’ve rounded up the most shocking and popular erotic obsessions from across the country and included the study’s map so you can find out what’s hot in your home state. These freaky fetishes will either inspire you to explore new sexual frontiers or make you appreciate your vanilla sex life in a whole new way.

Cover Photo: Glow Images, Inc (Getty Images)

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