The sex game's afoot.

New Sex Toy Dips a Toe in the Pool of Freaky Fetishes

Photo: Silicon Wives

Pure pleasure is now just a foot away. Meticulously designed to look and feel like a real pair of gam-stands, the new appendages by Silicon Wives are garnering rave reviews from foot-lovers everywhere, showcasing just how far synthetic material — and foot fetishes — have come.

Measuring a generous 23 centimeters with a vaginal-style opening at the ankle, the “vajankle” is made from anti-fouling silicone so you never have to worry about that dirty feet smell again. Now you can dance the night away with your favorite partner every night of the week, even if you have two left feet.

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While this might appear like an incredibly strange way to get your socks off, it’s nothing compared to these bizarre fetishes.

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