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Quarantine Kink: Study Reveals Most Popular Sex Activities During Lockdown (Crying Shower Scene Not Included)

Life hasn’t been normal for almost six months now. Quarantine has forced us all to stay indoors and isolate. For some, that’s meant extra time to explore the seedier sides of their sex lives. A new study by Bad Girls Bible found that nearly one in four people have engaged in a kinky sexual activity or fetish during the COVID-19 lockdown, with around one-third of them doing so virtually by phone or video.

What qualifies as kinky? For straight people, the top naughty activities were anal play, dominance and submission, orgasm control, and role play. But that’s not all! Bondage, BDSM, outdoor sex, uniforms, group sex, and voyeurism were also on the list. As for fetishes, the most popular involved feet. The runner-up was a jockstrap or underwear fetish. Crying in the shower was not among the behaviors listed, but we’d bet anything that it’s becoming more common the longer quarantine lasts.

If you haven’t had enough kinky sex lately, it might be because you’re bolting too soon. This study found that it takes an average of five months for people to feel comfortable enough to share their sexual proclivities with their partner. Once they do, though, the good news is that 32 percent of people will participate in their kink or fetish even if they don’t like it! Being comfortable talking about kinks and fetishes is also associated with higher relationship satisfaction.

So if you’ve been holding out on your partner, let this be the push you need to speak up! We’ll probably all be social distancing for a while still, so if you have someone to have sex with safely, now might be the perfect time to take things to a whole ‘nother level. Let your freak flag fly!

Cover Photo: Karen Moskowitz (Getty Images)

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