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11 Household Objects You Should Never Use as a Makeshift Sex Toy

There’s not always a sex toy handy, but that doesn’t mean you should grab whatever substitute is nearby. Makeshift sex toys, whether they’re meant to replicate male or female anatomy, can be bad for your body and your partner’s pleasure. When you use a DIY apparatus, you’re opening yourself up to infection and potentially subjecting yourself or your partner to physical trauma. Erogenous zones are tender, delicate places, and most inanimate objects weren’t made to stimulate them safely. Just in case you get any wild ideas the next time you’re horny, we’ve laid out the 11 household objects you should never use as a makeshift sex toy. (But if you do feel compelled to misbehave, put a condom on it first, please.)

Cover Photo: Nazina_Maryna (Getty Images)

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