Plumber Fired After Sharing Photo Of Woman’s Sex Toy On Facebook

Photo: ClarkandCompany (Getty)

Just stick to unclogging toilets, buddy.

When a person lets someone into their house with the purpose of doing their job, they expect for that job to be done, and that’s it. That wasn’t exactly the case for the landlord who was caught having sex in a tenant’s bed, or the realtor who was busted having sex in a house she just sold. Those two people were clearly not doing their job. And now we have a plumber who may have done his job, but also chose to do something that got him fired.

According to the Daily Mail, an unknown plumber has been tossed from his job after he took it to Facebook to share a photo of a sex toy he came across in a woman’s shower during a job. The plumber shared the photo on the ‘Blokes Advice’ group on Facebook, which of course then ended up being shared on the ‘Bad Girls Advice’ page. And in a bizarre turn of events, the owner of the sex toy was actually part of that group, so she of course reached out to the plumber’s boss.

Here’s the photo the plumber shared that cost him his job.

Plumber Fired After Sharing Photo Of Woman’s Sex Toy On Facebook

Photo: Facebook

Photo: Facebook

This photo was actually captioned with ‘as a plumber this is my greatest fear.’

The plumber quickly got fired, but he actually shared the letter his boss sent him.

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Photo: Facebook

The plumber even responded to all this chaos he started.

plumber fired sharing sex toy photo3

Well, I hope it was worth it, because now you’re out of a job, and thousands of toilets are being filled to the brim with crap because of your dumb move.

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