The Best Tinder Pick-Up Lines Using Girls’ Names

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Girls are complaining that dudes are unimaginative and boring when hitting them up on Tinder. That may be the case, but ladies don’t always give us a lot to work with (we’re looking at you, girl with no photo and short bio). Yet some guys still manage to come up with awesome, unique Tinder pick-up lines by using only the girls’ names. This gallery is a monument to these brave, creative men that took time, a chance, and, hopefully, took the girls on dates.

Great Tinder pick up lines

If you get an all-caps response to your Tinder pick-up line, the chances the girl will express herself in all-caps in your bedroom increase 100 percent. That’s just basic math.

Tinder pick up lines from names

This dude is straight up our role-model. First, he delivers one of the smoothest Tinder pick-up lines. When the ungrateful Tuesday gives him some attitude, he shoots her spirit down like only a Monday can.

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Cool Tinder pick up lines

Anagram jokes are where it’s at. That’s always a good place to start when coming up with a Tinder opener. It shows the girl that you actually took the time to consider her and that you think outside of the box. Maybe you’ll even teach her something new about herself.

Great Tinder openers

Some girls don’t deserve awesome Tinder pick-up lines, but we pay our respects to this Tinder savant by placing him in our Hall of Fame. As for Lauren, she’s headed for the Hall of Shame. This is a textbook example of casting pearls before swine.

Tinder pick up lines are hilarious

Luckily for this dude, Suma’s name is the only thing she has in common with sumo wrestlers.

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Hilarious Tinder pick up lines

Some dudes are Tinder pick-up line machines. You should get on your Tinder and just swipe until you find a Paige because now you have two killer openings.

Superb Tinder pick up lines

We just had to include this one even though Martha hasn’t responded. We’d like to think that she will move on from Tinder, get married soon, and years later watch Batman v Superman with her kids. Then, when she suffers through that movie, she will have a flashback realization of what this Tinder match meant.

On a slightly more serious note, if you go too far in the world of Tinder on Reddit you’ll see that majority of guys are on the app just so they can post a funny screenshot and get Reddit karma. Between them, the guys that open with “Hey” or “Whaaaat’s uppp,” and the super thirsty dudes, you should be killing it.

Genius Tinder pick up lines

Continuing with a Batman theme: come on Nana! Most guys would’ve quit Tinder after delivering such a perfect pick up line only to hear crickets after it.

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Naughty Tinder pick up lines

What can we say? Religious puns work, even if your intent is sinful.

Sex Tinder Pick Up lines

When you’re on a roll, you’re on a roll. This guy doubled down on a great mouthful of an opening line. It’s kinda weird that the guy’s next thought after delivering a great Tinder pick-up line was to ask if he could post it on Reddit. Priorities, people!

If you end up delivering awesome Tinder pick-up lines, ask your crush if you can send screenshots to Mandatory…but maybe leave out any mention of porn.


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