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Mandatory Tweets: People Are Sharing Their Best ‘How Do You Open’ Pickup Lines on Twitter, And It’s Hilariously Pathetic

This day and age, if you want to get a woman’s attention, you better have a good opener. Yes, clever, unique pickup lines are essential if you want to even have a slim chance of getting a girl’s number, much less a date or anything else. So how do you go about approaching a total stranger? Twitter has some ideas, though you’ll have to be the judge of whether or not they’re any good.

The Psychopathic Edge, a strangely-named entity that dispenses dating advice via its “sexcalation system” recently asked the social media platform “How do you open?”

The scenario was thus: you encounter a hot girl at the grocery store in the chip aisle. She’s reaching toward the top shelf for the Doritos. What do you say to intrigue her? Well, users had a lot of thoughts…mostly hilariously pathetic one. Check ‘em out in this edition of Mandatory Tweets.

Cover Photo: Peter Dazeley (Getty Images)


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