Most Creative Ways Dudes Have Asked A Girl Out

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In the rough marketplace of dating, you really need to differentiate yourself to in order to get positive responses and a sound way to do that is to come up with creative ways to ask a girl out. The men starring or mentioned in the stories from Reddit below got that figured out and could teach seminars about how to ask a girl for her number. The unorthodox ways to ask a girl out are always a good option, and sometimes even pick up lines are a good shout. But being unique is the key thing.

Some of these ways to ask a girl out are too good to be refused as the girl would feel bad not to reward the smoothness.

I work at a little popcorn stand once a week. Every week, this cute attractive, funny witty man came in to buy popcorn and flirt with me. Every week, he left a lottery ticket in the tip jar. With his phone number on it. One time he got up the courage to say, “if you don’t win this week, how about I take you out to a nice dinner to make up for it?” I thought it was very sweet, and we had already had fun flirting and joking around.

There’s this girl working at the Starbucks at my uni, who’s got the cutest reactions ever. I asked her out after she forgot my name for the billionth time (I’m a regular of such caliber, everyone knows me) by saying “well, let’s go to dinner tomorrow, that help you get to know me.” She giggled uncontrollably and said, in her cute Minessota accent, “I, well, ah, tomorrow is good, but you, I …” Then her coworkers, my friends, just said “she’s out at 5, we’ll have her ready then”. She charged me for my coffee, asked for my name, again, and wrote her name on the cup.

Went to lunch with this guy at a local pub. We decided after lunch to walk around the neighborhood. I really had to pee and we were outside this other restaurant I really like so we went in. After a few drinks, he went to the bathroom and I paid for the drinks. He asked for the check when he got back but the waiter just brought my my receipt to sign. He said he’s never had a girl buy his drinks and what would his mother say to this? The restaurant gives a post card with the tab so I handed it over and told him to write her about it. He handed it back after writing “mom- this girl just bought my drinks. Not sure how to feel about this…. Maybe I should take her to dinner this weekend.” I thought it was cute. And I said yes.

Well, a group of my friends decided to go out after work for some drinks, and he was going so I asked him what time we were all meeting. He told me 5:30, so I arrive fashionably late at 5:45…only to find him at the table, alone. I walked up and sat down, thinking everyone else was running late. We start chatting and quickly realize we have a lot of similarities, and I’m hooked. Around 7 pm everyone else starts arriving and I’m curious as to why they were so late. They werent. He told me an earlier time so he could spend time with me and get to know me. That night we kissed and it has been sweet ever since. Aw I never get to tell this story, thanks Reddit and OP!

Not my story but a friend of my family. He was stuck in gridlock LA traffic on the Santa Monica Freeway. Being close to losing his mind he decided to roll down his window and start chatting with the woman in the car next to him. They hit it off and he asked if she wanted to get off at the next exit and get some coffee. They’ve been married for about eight years now. 🙂

A guy I dated in high school knew I painted a lot. So he asked me if I could paint his mom something for Mother’s Day, bouquet of flowers or something Hallmark-y. He then told me he already got a frame that he and his brother personalized so he needed the painting to be a specific size. He then gave me the cardstock one day after school, and when I started to paint, I realized that he wrote “Will you be mine?” in white crayon causing it to show through the watercolors.

I was once stuck in really bad rush hour traffic on 95 when I heard a siren go off and a booming voice from a loud speaker state “female in the gold honda”. I immediately started freaking out because I thought a cop was pulling me over with a loud speaker and really had no idea what I could’ve possibly done, so I kind of feigned ignorance and hoped it was all in my head. 10 seconds later I hear “BEAUTIFUL FEMALE IN THE GOLD HONDA!” — wait, what? I turn around to see an ambulance about two cars back to the right of me desperately trying to get my attention. The man driving the ambulance ended up asking me out over his loud speaker. It was definitely the best way I had ever been asked out just because it was so god damn random and hilarious.

We were talking on fb chat and playing would you rather and he said “would you rather have the best cup of coffee or go to the zoo?” I said coffee and he replied “how about next Friday?”

I told a girl I won a hula hooping contest years ago, she said, “no way” I said, “yeah, you’re right but I hear most relationships are based on lies so I figured I’d get us off to a good start”.

When I was a server, I had a handsome gentlemen ask me a couple questions about the specials and then he proceeded to say “so I can have anything I want, on this menu?”… of course you can!, I replied. He dropped the menu flat to the floor, and said “would you stand on this for me?”

I have a very, very warped sense of humor. I had a guy come up to me lean in really close, take a deep breath, then he says “oh my God, you smell so good! Kind of like a whore! Did not see that line coming. Ended up being with him for 2 yrs.

My best friend was having computer issues that she couldn’t resolve. She mentioned it to a guy at her work- one of the only guys her age at work (mid 20s). He said that he had seen that problem before and offered to come by and try to fix it. Since she had exhausted almost all other options, she took him up on the offer. The next night after work he came by carrying a few shopping bags. He came in and set the things by the door as my friend showed him the computer. As soon as she started to explain the problem, he stopped her and said, “I actually have no idea how to fix your computer. But I do know how to fix dinner for you.” He brought over EVERYTHING (minus the stove) to make and serve her dinner. They are now married.

This is a story I heard. Some guy was in the tanning booth butt naked. The tanning booth people forgot he was in there and sent another girl in. When the girl came in she was mortified at the situation but the guy played it well. He said,” You know now that you’ve seen me naked I’m just gonna be insulted if you won’t at least go on a date with me.” They did and later got married.

Some of these are a great proof of why funny flirting methods are the best, while the majority show that “no guts-no glory” is the law in approaching women.

Which of these creative ways to ask a girl out did you like the most? Have some tips of your own? Share them in the comments.

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