How To Conquer Any Dating Site

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So, you’ve finally done it, you made an online dating site profile, but the epilogue is not as satisfying and exciting you thought it will be. You need more matches, and don’t want to waste time doing it. Luckily, we have your back always and with the help of our tips you’ll learn the actionable tips you can do to improve how many matches you make.

Of course, you should first start by trying to be the best you can be, in every way possible, but in order to have the most matches possible, doing these things is a must.

Dating Site Must #1: Active Photo

According to studies done in the area of dating sites, females respond better to pictures of man who are appearing to be active in their profile and other photos. So, while you might look good in that selfie you took lying in the bed, it’s better to post some pic in which you are outdoors, doing an interesting activity like hiking, skiing, jet skiing or similar.

Dating Site Must #2: Solo Photo

Unless you and your friend Jarred are a package deal there is no need to have him on your profile picture. One of five pictures on your profile can be with friends, but definitely not the leading one as the person browsing must guess who you are and even think that you’re not confident in yourself. Pictures with children are also a no-go as some might think they are yours.

Dating Site Must #3: Smile

For man and women alike there is a common thread to what hits our soft spot – smiles. So don’t brood and try to look cool in your pictures, show off your teeth and put a smiling photo up. While serious, mysterious guys might be appealing to some, the majority of women want someone who looks like fun.

Dating Site Must #4: No Cover-Ups

Some studies have also shown that smiles won’t do you much good if you’re wearing hats or glasses in your photos. It states that wearing either of these items can reduce your chances of a match by up to 15%. Eye contact plays a huge deal in human interaction, and with artificial one on dating sites, we need every bit of that quality as we can get. If you really look cool with sunglasses, save them for the fourth or fifth photo.

Dating Site Must #5: Gaze Off

In comedian Aziz Ansari’s book Modern Romance he mentions that their study came to the conclusions that women respond better to pictures of men who are not looking directly at the camera. Psychologists may have a lot to say about this, it’s perhaps because women are inclined to go for those who appear not interested in them, and not looking at the camera is pretty much the same as not giving attention.

Dating Site Must #6: Showcase Your Interest

This ties in with the first dating site must, but the interests don’t have to be active in the adventurous kind of way. Just keep in mind that it would be wise to showcase some of your interests on the photo, to give the other person something to start a conversation on. It should be relatable to the other sex, so fishing and hunting might do you less good than art and traveling.

Dating Site Must #7: Superlike

Some dating sites have the option to superlike someone, so definitely use it. It shows the person that they appear special to you in the sea of opportunities, and that they are not just another Hail Mary pass to you. So if the dating website or an app you’re using has a similar option, definitely give it a try, it will not make you look desperate but genuinely interested.

Dating Site Must #8: Original Bio

Being lazy and not having a bio or having one that is uninspiring is the most damaging mistake you can make on a dating site. Besides opening the conversation with a dick pic. So don’t be basic, don’t use copy/paste jokes that every other profile has, take a half an hour and think of an original, possibly funny biography that will show some aspects of who you are. Those that you think should interest the kind of person you’re looking for.

Dating Site Must #9: Original Opener

This one counts for after you take our tips to action and match with someone, but is even more important. Copy/pasting “Hi” on a dozen profiles will do as much good as the Automatic Tinder Machine. With this, you give the other person nothing to work with. Check their photos, check their bio, find something that interests you and asks a question or give a funny remark. After you start exchanging for a while, use our original ways to cleverly ask a girl out.

Try utilizing all of our tips on having success on a dating site for maximum effect, and feel free to write additional tips in the comments below.

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