RANKED! Our 10 Favorite Rudy Giuliani Moments of 2020

Rudy Giuliani has had a tough year. We almost feel bad for the guy, except for the fact that he is kind of a tool of the devil and, as the saying goes, it’s hard to have sympathy for the devil…or his henchmen. Still, forgetting our personal feelings about the former Mayor of New York, we feel for the guy. This is especially true given the recent news that Giuliani has tested positive for COVID-19.

Giuliani has had a hell of a 2020 but, unlike the rest of us, he sort of brought a lot of it on himself. Now, obviously, we don’t relish in the fact that the man got COVID. We don’t want anybody to get sick from this stupid virus. So we sympathize with the man for that. But, sigh…just everything else, man. From pardons to profusely sweating, Borat to general buffoonery, we feel safe to say that everything besides COVID is kind of Giuliani’s own fault. What’s even more depressing about this is how much Giuliani used to be respected. When he was the mayor of NYC, and waged war on organized crime, he was adulated. When he spoke for the rest of the country shortly after September 11, we were all behind him.

So, what happened to the man? How did such a respectable guy turn into a bigger punchline than Donald Trump? Giuliani used to be made of stone. Now, we’re not quite sure what he’s made of. We don’t know if it’s sweat, hair dye, or apathy. It’s probably all three. The thing is, people like Donald Trump or Mitch McConnell are genuinely evil. We don’t necessarily think Rudy Giuliani is evil. He’s just really, really stupid. We didn’t start 2020 thinking we would be writing so many stories about Rudy Giuliani. But that is where we find ourselves. These are our 10 favorite Rudy Giuliani moments, ranked.

Cover Photo: Mandel Ngan

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