Rudy Guiliani Says NBA Coach Doc Rivers Is Misleading Black People About Police, It’s Actually Way Worse Than He Describes

Photo: Roy Rochlin (Getty Images)

Remember when Rudy Giuliani was “America’s Mayor”? It seems like way more than 19 years ago that the then-mayor of New York City helped Americans heal after the 9/11 attacks with his leadership and strength. Things have changed a lot since then. In recent years, the formerly beloved character has decided to take the wrong stance on pretty much everything. His most recent misstep involves NBA coach Doc Rivers.

To add some context to the story, Rivers gave an emotional speech about Jacob Blake and the idea of inequality in America. Guiliani didn’t like what he heard so he went on the Brian Kilmeade Show on Fox News Radio to voice his disapproval.

“What Doc is doing is seriously misleading the African-American community,” he said. “It’s a con job the Democrats have played on them for 60 years.”

In a very strange, misguided stance, he took issue with River’s claim that black people love America, but the country doesn’t in fact love them back, calling it a “totally ridiculous statement about loving this country.”

He really went off the proverbial rails when he started talking about gun violence, claiming that a black person getting shot by a police officer was “about one-tenth of one percent” while the possibility of a black person being killed by another black person is 99 percent.

On top of numerous other claims, he said that he had a right to talk about black lives because he saved more black lives than anybody when he reduced homicides in New York City.

Rudy, what are you thinking? Talk about being on the wrong side of history. Guiliani was once “America’s Mayor,” now we’re not sure if we’d even want him to be a town council member for the smallest town in America.

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