Doc Rivers And Bill Simmons Feud On Live TV

“I would like to call him an idiot,” Los Angeles Clippers Head Coach Doc Rivers replied, “but I’m too classy for that.”

…Words of war fired back at ESPN writer and personality, Bill Simmons, who previously had stated that Rivers quit on the Celtics by taking the job in California.

Watch the footage below, which aired live during Thursday night's NBA Draft.

Following Rivers' interview with Shelley Smith, the cameras go back to the desk at the draft where Simmons states,“The truth keeps changing. He’s giving different quotes about this. He did know, he didn’t know, he kind of knew. He wanted the trade to happen, he was coming back, he needed a year off,” Simmons said. “When he sticks to a story, I’ll believe the truth.”

Rivers has a point…Who the hell is Bill Simmons — some sports guy who probably never even played basketball — to judge my character and work ethic, especially after leading my team to a championship and becoming the third winningest Celtics coach in history during my tenure.

Simmons also has a point…Hasn't Rivers been contemplating leaving for a couple years now? It also seems he's leaving right at the time when the Celtics need him most — during their rebuilding phase.

However, a smart coach knows they're only as "good" as the players they have on the floor, and it's going to be awhile until Boston has top level talent again at The Garden.

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