Former US President Barack Obama addresses Biden-Harris supporters during a drive-in rally in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on October 21, 2020. - Former US president Barack Obama hit the campaign trail for Joe Biden today in a bid to drum up support for his former vice president among young Americans and Black voters in the final stretch of the White House race. (Photo by Alex Edelman / AFP) (Photo by ALEX EDELMAN/AFP via Getty Images)

RANKED! The Best Lines From Barack Obama’s Scathing Speech About Donald Trump

There is a time to be poignant, precise, and elegant. There is also a time to just completely roast somebody and that is exactly what former President Barack Obama recently did to current President Donald Trump at a rally in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Obama was campaigning for his friend and former Vice-President Joe Biden and, in doing so, he pretty much cut a half-hour-long wrestling promo on the WWE Hall of Famer (Trump).

Obama is usually a man of class and dignity. He has proven to take the high road more often than not when it comes to responding to critics, racists, and assholes (or, to put it simply, Trump). Even when triggered, Obama stands his ground and turns the other cheek almost every time. This rally in Pennsylvania was not that time. While Obama was still poised and dignified (man, remember when we had a president that could be called poised and dignified?), he made no bones about the fact that Donald Trump has completely blown it as his successor.

Like most Obama speeches, this one in Philadelphia was still inspiring and empowering, but it also revealed his true thoughts about Trump and, in doing so, became our favorite political speech of the last four years. We’ve included the full speech below but, for your ease (and really, mostly just for our entertainment) we have ranked Obama’s best burns on the current Commander-in-Chief.

Cover Photo: Alex Edelman (Getty Images)

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