Meanwhile in Connecticut: Landlord Caught Sniffing Tenant’s Panties on Camera Is Your Greatest Nightmare Come True

We’ve all had a terrible landlord or two (and if you haven’t, consider yourself lucky). You know, the kind of supers who don’t fix things in a timely manner, who let junk accumulate on the property, or who barge in without warning. But one Connecticut landlord really crossed a line with a tenant when he was caught sniffing her panties.

Jorge Orellana-Arias of East Haven thought he was slick. He entered his tenant’s apartment several times without permission and rifled through her and her daughter’s belongings. The tenant started to suspect something fishy was going on, so she initially barricaded the entrance. But Orellana-Arias managed to find another way in, so the tenant installed hidden security cameras in her pad. She was unprepared for what she discovered when she watched the footage.

“The camera caught Orellana-Arias entering her apartment through a side door, before proceeding to both bedrooms where he would locate female underwear,” police said in a statement. “The video, which was provided to officers, shows Orellana-Arias bringing female garments to his nose, apparently in an effort to sniff them.”

Once, the predatory pervert even entered the dwelling while the tenant’s daughter was home alone. Luckily for her, he fled. But he didn’t escape the long arm of the law. He was arrested and is due in court in September. Unfortunately, he was able to post $25K bond, meaning he’s back on the street (and likely looking for panties to sniff) until then.

Cover Photo: vizualni (Getty Images)