LandLord Offers Woman Free Apartment But Only If She Lets Him Lick Her Feet

Photo: Twitter/Erin Clark

As absurd as the rent is everywhere, you’d think that at least one woman would take him up on that super creepy offer.

Let’s all meet Erin Clark. Clark is a Scottist student who made her way to Paris and was in need of a place to stay. Now I’ve never been to Paris but I assume looking for an apartment (or ‘flat’ as the folks in Europe call it) is just as difficult there as it is anywhere. So of course the 19-year-old decided to put out a post on social media in hopes of finding someone who had a lead on any apartment. And well, she found a man named ‘Franciso.’

All went well at first as Franciso told Erin that he had a free room. Sounds great, right? And all that she has to do is let him lick her feet. Yep.

Erin shared the exchange on her Twitter.

Here’s a closer look:

Screenshot: Twitter/Erin Clark

Screenshot: Twitter/Erin Clark

As you can read the landlord not only wants Erin to let him lick her feet, but also to hold the key to his chastity device. Yeah, I don’t think that’s the ideal apartment for Erin.

But here are two reactions on Twitter that are pretty damn hilarious. Let’s start with the first one:

And now this one:

Well, we now know what those two people would do with that offer.

As for Erin, she didn’t end up taking the place. Here is what she had to say

“I thought it was like so convenient and almost too perfect when he was offering a room. I told my mum I’d finally found somewhere and then received the foot message, and had to tell her it was like a bad area and not suitable.”

Good luck with your search, Erin. And good luck to the landlord, too. Here’s hoping he finds some suitable feet.

h/t The LADbible

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