Meanwhile in Brooklyn: Raccoon Attempts to Claw Through College Student’s Apartment Ceiling (Watch the Terrifying Video)

There’s no shortage of apartment horror stories, but when they involve creepy creatures, we usually expect tales of cockroaches or rats. This story, however, will scare the bejesus out of you – because it involves a raccoon trying to break into a college student’s pad…through the ceiling!

Yesenia Irizarry is a 22-year-old Fashion Institute of Technology student. She lives in a Brooklyn, New York, apartment with three roommates. One day, she came home and was climbing the stairs to her abode when she heard her roommates screaming. Upon entering, she discovered a raccoon trying to claw its way into the apartment from a light fixture.


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“(The roommates) said that they were just trying to make some food and then all of a sudden they just heard it scratching and then it just like popped out the chandelier,” Irizarry told Today.

The raccoon terrorized the foursome for three hours.

In hindsight, there were troubling signs that an infestation was imminent. Irizarry had seen racoons creeping on the fire escape and heard them on the roof and scratching at the walls outside of her apartment.

She’s since moved out of the apartment, which is why she finally shared the video of the incident on Instagram. It was picked up by the popular account WhatIsNewYork and the rest is viral video history.

Maybe she can parlay this strange experience into a horror film deal?

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