Meanwhile on TikTok: Man Shows Off Smallest Apartment in New York, Amazingly Still Fits His Ego

New Yorkers are a little nuts. Look no further than the real estate and renting situations they get themselves in for proof. For example, a dude has gone viral on TikTok for showing off what he claims is the “smallest apartment” in NYC.

The Big Apple bachelor pad is located in West Village neighborhood and occupied by one AJ Webber. The young man showed off what little living space he has on the video-sharing platform, and people were shocked. (Clearly, not New Yorkers.)

“Here is what it’s like living in the smallest apartment in New York,” Webber says in the vid. “Whatever your expectations are, lower them.”

He then shows off the tiny, 75-square-foot abode, which consists of a single room the size of a walk-in closet.

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“As soon as you walk in the door, you have the sink,” Webber says. “Right next to the sink is, conveniently located, the kitchen.”

He reveals a small shelf stocked with mac ‘n’ cheese, ramen noodles, potato chips, popcorn, and peanut butter (dude could really use a diet makeover) and the entirety of his dishware – meaning one bowl and one plate. A microwave and mini-fridge are his only appliances.

“The pantry is absolutely stocked,” he jokes. “I just realized that all those foods are carbohydrates and also come in a box. There is no nutritional value here.”

As for sleeping arrangements, he surprisingly has more than enough, thanks to a bunk bed that boasts a queen-sized mattress on the bottom and a twin-sized mattress on top.

“I have two beds, but only one me. Some nights I am a queen guy, other nights I am a twin,” he says.

Despite the limited space, he still managed to add a couple of personal touches, like a lava lamp and an electric piano below the top bunk.

Depressing though the pad may be, the comments on Webber’s video were pure gold.

“I lowered my expectations and still, they were too high,” one commenter quipped.

“Whatever you’re paying is too much,” another insisted.

Someone smartly asked, “Bestie, where’s the bathroom?” to which Webber responded, “Did you not see the window?”

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Don’t worry, he doesn’t piss out the window. (We hope.) He shares a communal bathroom.

We don’t know what Webber hoped to get out of posting this video, but something tells us his ego is already growing too big for this apartment after seeing his vid go viral. Might be time to start looking for a new place, man…

Cover Photo: TikTok