College Student Got Drunk and Somehow Stuck in a Dryer, Didn’t Expect to See That on the Midterm

Photo: New York Post

If you went away to college, there’s a pretty good chance that you did at least a handful of dumb things that you regret. Many college students are away from the prying eyes of their parents and therefore have nobody telling them what to do for the first time in their life. Not surprisingly, many of these misadventures involved alcohol. While the things we got away with bordered on moronic, most of us never did anything so foolish that it required police or firemen to be notified. Also, most of us didn’t climb into a dryer only to get utterly and completely stuck.

You might be wondering why we’d bring up such a random conundrum. Well, that’s because this is exactly what happened to one liquored-up college student in the UK.

Twenty-one-year-old Rosie Cole, a student at the University of Hull in East Yorkshire, England, probably wishes her drunken escapades were a little more secret. Instead, she made world news when she got her lower half stuck in a clothes dryer so snuggly that the local fire brigade needed to be called.

Like all great ideas, this one began when Cole and her friends were drinking wine and tequila (hopefully not at the same time). It should be noted that it was also a Tuesday so we can only hope the gang was partaking in the college-age ritual lovingly referred to as “taco Tuesday” (hence the tequila).

But, instead of simply gorging on tacos and burritos, Cole’s roommates dared her to climb into a dryer. She assumed she wouldn’t fit so she gave it a try. Little did she know that she did fit, but only going in. Luckily, she climbed in feet first before slowly moving her hips in. Sadly, this was the moment when she realized her folly. She could get in, but she couldn’t get out. Her roommates attempted to free her, to no avail.

As embarrassing as it was, they had to call the fire brigade to free her. In their drunken stupor, they couldn’t think of a better alternative. They laughed through the whole phone call and waited for the reinforcements to arrive. Cole’s friends filmed the whole ordeal. Because she’ll definitely want to remember this night. Hopefully, she also learned not to mix wine and tequila. Or, if she does, to stay far away from large appliances.

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