10 Things College Fails to Prepare You For in the Real World

You made it through four years of college lectures, research papers, and final exams with halfway decent grades. You donned your cap and gown and received your diploma. You made it! The worst was behind you! Or so you thought. Then adulthood happened, and it’s way harder than you ever imagined. As it turns out, college was a fantasyland.

You thought you were a grownup, but, in fact, you weren’t living in the real world at all. It was all pretend. Now that you’re not being coddled by campus living, you’re constantly confronted by the ugly truth that being an adult is challenging AF! Here are 10 things college fails to prepare you for in the real world; if you haven’t experienced them yet, buckle up, because the highway of life only gets rougher as you go on.

Cover Photo: Dougal Waters (Getty Images)

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