Expectation vs. Reality: Your Life After College Graduation

Photo: Creatista (Getty Images)

Take it from us, real life is one long book report for something you never read.

After a grueling college education, you have finally taken your last test, written your last paper, and pretended to read your last book. So what now? You’ve imagined this moment all your life. You thought that as soon as you stepped foot off that graduation stage, somebody would trade your diploma for a job, slap a “sold!” sticker on you and give you the keys to the kingdom. But before you go “adult” in ways you see in the movies and TV, there are some hard-learned lessons coming your way, and we just want to give you the heads-up (for starters, when someone says “heads up,” you’re actually supposed to look up).

Welcome to the reality of your after-college life expectations, here to debunk the myths and give you a healthy real-life talkin’ to.

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