College Student Pees on Sugar Daddy For $10K, Discovers He’s Her Professor (Guess She’ll Be Getting a Passing Grade)

The past has a way of catching up with us and nobody knows it better than the Arizona State University college student in this TikTok by @suleymandolaev. Suley’s TikTok is a treasure trove of interviews with hot college students. He usually asks them a variation of, “What’s the craziest thing they’ve ever done?” And this time Suley found a student with a hell of a story to tell.

When he stops the cute blonde in this video the conversation starts with a bang… “Over the summer I met up with a sugar daddy.” Obviously, things only get more interesting from there. The sugar daddy paid our favorite student of all time $10,000 to meet up and pee on his face. She did the peepee. She got the $10k. Then went home, blocked him on everything, and went on with her life. That is, until the first day of class because like in all good stories, the beginning ties into the ending.

@suleymandolaevThat’s actually crazy ##interview ##tempe ##arizona #asu ##fyp ##foryou♬ original sound – suley

And well, her first professor of the first class she attended this semester was actually Professor Sugar Daddy Pee On My Face because there is no god. However, bet you anything does well in that class even though she was pretty horrible to her professor when he was simply her Piss Play Sugar Daddy.

Cover Photo: @suleymandolaev (TikTok)