Meanwhile in California: TikToker Goes Viral For Dissing Dead Woman at Her Funeral, Nothing Like Good Roast

Most funerals involve some element of whitewashing. People wax nostalgic about a person’s best qualities, peak moments, and often make them seem like heaven is getting a new angel (rather than the hellhound you knew in real life). But one funeral-goer and TikToker in California turned her eulogy into a viral diss heard ‘round the world on the video-sharing platform.

Her name is Jasmine Parsad, and she took her time at the podium of her sister Ariyanna’s funeral to call out a “fake bitch” who owed her sister money. She said the woman in question was someone her sister didn’t like and that she was “automatically disqualified” because she failed to donate to her sister’s funeral.

“You can leave the room, yeah, bye, bye, don’t be all surprised now,” Parsad said in the video, which she titled “When the fake people show up to my sisters [sic] funeral.” She added the caption: “I hope I gave you the best funeral baby sis.” She also included a dove emoji and the message “fly high.”

@jazzklassykushcoI hope I gave you the best funeral baby sis . Fly high #restinpeace #forever18 #AEJeansHaveFun

♬ you need to leave – m<333

Ariyanna and her best friend were killed in Arizona by a hit-and-run driver in August. We don’t know what she would think of her sister’s antics, but we bet she’s rolling in her grave — in the best way possible.

Cover Photo: TikTok



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