A three year old blonde boy is crouching behind the washing machine in the kitchen, making a funny face through the glass.

Meanwhile in Florida: Terrible Woman Places Boy in Dryer, Doesn’t Bother to Add Dryer Sheet

A 35-year-old Florida woman was arrested Saturday on allegations of putting a 4-year-old boy in a dryer. Worse yet, she didn’t even use a dryer sheet.  Amber Chapman was arrested on a charge of aggravated child abuse in the February incident after the boy was found with head, face, back, and abdominal injuries.

There appear to be two problems here: one, the Florida woman failed to use a dryer sheet; two, it took them two months to arrest her.

The boy, who was often left in the care of Chapman, was taken to the ER at UF Health Leesburg Hospital, where he said he was placed in the dryer with some towels and he spun around. The boy had swelling and bruises on his head, cheeks, ears, stomach, and back, officials said.

Perhaps this woman might want to consider using birth control the next time she wishes to get down. That or maybe google “how to laundry.” As much as most babysitters would love to toss a bratty kid into a dryer, the parents probably wouldn’t be cool with it. However, if you’re an ’80s kid, then you know this is something that Boomer parents would totally be OK with.

During an interview several days later, the boy said Chapman placed him in the dryer, closed the door and he went “round and round.” We’re not going to lie and say that doesn’t sound like fun, but maybe do it with a stuffed animal instead.

Although the Florida woman clearly engaged in child abuse, a medical report has not indicated if the dryer caused the injuries. However, the “severity of the injuries and the locations of the injuries on the back, face, forehead, and ears are consistent with being inflicted by the same,” according to the police report.

Maybe take the kid to be dried at a laundromat next time, Florida woman.

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