Meanwhile in Taiwan: People Are Actually Legally Changing Their Name to ‘Salmon’ Just to Get Free Sushi

Photo: d3sign (Getty Images)

What would you do for free food? Would you wear a funny costume? Maybe talk in a weird accent. How about legally changing your name? Well, this is exactly what some people in Taiwan recently did in an effort to get free sushi.

It all started when a national restaurant chain called “Taiwan Sushiro” advertised that it would offer all-you-can-eat free sushi to anyone with “gui yu” (which translates to salmon) anywhere in their name. Instead of seeing this and thinking that it would be funny to change their name to get free sushi, many people actually legally changed their name to munch of spicy tuna rolls and all forms of sashimi.

And we don’t mean a handful of people. In fact, so many people (more than 200 according to some reports) changed their name just to get free sushi the whole debacle is being referred to as “salmon chaos” by the local news and on social media platforms.

Needless to say, the Taiwanese government wasn’t delighted to learn that so many of its residents were taking advantage of both the system and the sushi chain by changing their names temporarily.

While it’s difficult to change your name in the US, apparently it isn’t as difficult in Taiwan. Plus, in Taiwan, you can legally change your name three times. Also, it only costs $3 to do so. So, in essence, everyone who did this paid $3 for all-you-can-eat sushi. If you ask us, that’s a pretty good deal. Also, is it that bad to have the word “salmon” randomly placed in the middle of your name?

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