Buffalo Wild Wings Employees Will Wear Your Fitness Tracker While You Watch Bowl Games

Photo: fstop123 (Getty Images)

Staying in shape really sucks. It takes a lot of dedication to get those 10,000 daily steps in. This is especially true if you’re using a fitness app or watch and compare your workouts to friends and family members. It’s incredibly daunting during winter as we spend much of the time stuffing our faces or sitting docile in front of a screen watching football or movies. But we don’t want our co-workers and nagging mother to know that we stopped using our Fitbit in lieu of squirt cheese and our Snuggie. Fear not, for Buffalo Wild Wings is here to help.

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If you’re lucky enough to live in Minnesota (if you can consider living in the frozen tundra of the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” lucky) you can still get those steps in and all you need to do is walk from your car to a table at Buffalo Wild Wings. That’s because servers at Minneapolis and St. Paul-area locations will wear your fitness tracker so you can still beat Aunt Marge in the daily steps competition while you sip beer, eat wings, and watch the game.


“We know folks are going to be facing an internal struggle on Jan. 1: balancing enjoying the slate of top college football matchups with their recently declared New Year’s resolutions,” Seth Freeman, Chief Marketing Officer for Buffalo Wild Wings told Food and Wine.

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This isn’t a national promotion (although let’s hope it will be eventually). It’s only available at 17 locations in the areas in and around the Twin Cities on New Year’s Day. It’s the smartest way to put off your New Year’s resolutions for one more day in order to watch all five bowl games while continuing to eat and drink like it’s the holidays and still magically getting your steps in.