A woman plays darts with special glasses simulating heavy drunkeness at the entry the Museum of Hangovers in Zagreb, on December 3, 2019. - The Museum of Hangovers, which puts at display stories and items linked to drunken trips home after which one wakes up missing many moments in time but often with strange objects, opened in the Croatian capital on December 1, 2019. (Photo by Denis LOVROVIC / AFP) (Photo by DENIS LOVROVIC/AFP via Getty Images)

The Museum of Hangovers Is a Hilarious Retelling of the Drunkest Nights

Sure, your drunken college exploits might have ended with you needing to stay at your college for an extra semester to finish up your degree, but the stories of debauchery that you and your friends have can never be taken away from you. The nights spent drinking Jager until the sun came up or the evenings of flip cup and beer pong barn burners won’t soon be forgotten. Neither will the mornings spent chugging Pedialyte and filling your belly with cheesy, greasy comfort foods in an attempt to put an end to the brain scrambling, nauseating, sickening hangovers. Both the drunken evenings and the brain-busting aftermath is why Rino Dubopvic decided the time was right to open a museum dedicated to the drunk adventures we all have.

Last month, Dubokovic opened the Museum of Hangovers in the Croatian capital of Zagreb, one of the most underrated and exciting cities in Europe. The museum includes an interactive exhibit where patrons can wear “beer goggles” and see how their reflexes are impacted, an exhibit displaying random, strange objects that appeared after an evening of heavy drinking, as well as an area for visitors to share their own stories. While a trip to Croatia might not be in your travel plans any time soon, you can still enjoy these GIFs explaining just how we all feel after a night of boozing.

Photo: DENIS LOVROVIC (Getty Images) 

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