Treats With Benefits: This Protein Bar Can Help Prevent Hangovers (Say It Is So!)

Hangovers are the bane of every drinker’s existence. There are many so-called cures on the market, but it’s difficult to tell if any of them actually work. But, a new protein bar touts itself as a cure for even the most head-rattling hangovers. It’s called SOBAR and it comes in three flavors: honey peanut, white chocolate, and caramel macchiato. The company behind it claims that when eaten before a night of boozing, it reduces the amount of alcohol absorbed by your body. In fact, as compared to not eating anything, munching on one bar reduces the amount of alcohol absorbed by up to 50 percent. That’s probably a better absorption rate than that late-night Philly cheesesteak and curly fries you shoveled into your mouth at 4 a.m.

A few years ago, the company’s founder, Joseph Fisher, MD Ph.D., imbibed a few too many cocktails at a wedding and ended up with a brain-bursting hangover. He remembered that he hadn’t had much to eat beforehand and realized that the world needed a protein bar that would reduce the amount of alcohol our bodies absorb. His pain was our gain.

Cover Photo: Heinrich van den Berg (Getty Images)

Photo: SOBAR

We’re not the kind of people who forget to eat before a night of heavy drinking. That’s just common sense. But, if we were going to run out the door to a game of beer pong or flip cup and haven’t eaten anything, we’d love a simple snack that could prevent a weekend spent hiding in our bedroom with the blinds closed like some kind of millennial vampire. In honor of our worst hangovers, here are some hilarious GIFs that capture that unique experience of waking up the morning after.

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