Has Ice Cream That Cures Hangovers Finally Been Invented?

Photo:  Arthur Mola/WireImage (Getty)

Being so close to North Korea is probably a great reason to pickup drinking, and that’s why a shop in South Korea has invented an ice cream sandwich that they claim cures hangovers.

The ice cream sandwich, called the Gyeondyo bar, which translates to “hang in there,” is, according to Unilad, a “grapefruit flavored and contains a tiny amount of ‘oriental raisin tree fruit juice’ – a traditional Korean hangover remedy which has been used for hundreds of years.”

And it’s not just talk, as the Journal of Neuroscience says that oriental raisin tree extract has been observed to reduce the symptoms of intoxication in rats. So if it’s good enough for a drunk rat, well then it’s good enough for me.


And it makes sense that this has been invented in South Korea as the country has the highest per capita booze consumption rate in Asia, and they spend about $126 million a year on hangover cures.

At the moment this miracle ice cream sandwich isn’t available in America, but hey, you can always take a trip to South Korea and stock up on some. Or just continue with your hangover remedies: like drinking some more once you wake up.