Would You Eat Mayonnaise Ice Cream?

Photo: Mihail Ulianikov [Getty Images]

When it comes to condiments, few are more polarizing than mayonnaise. Either you love it slathered all over your food, or you’d rather run through a football field of broken glass while on fire, trying to get away from it. And if you’re among the latter, I suggest you start stretching and warming up, because things are about to take a disgusting turn.

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That’s because an ice cream shop in Falkirk, Scotland, decided to concoct a mayonnaise flavored ice cream, which is sure to have stomach’s churning and mouth’s watering, though I’m not sure it’ll be because of the delectable taste.

The controversial frozen treat, which is made with real Hellman’s mayo, has been trending on social media and even has its own #mayoicecream Twitter hashtag. But most users don’t seem overly thrilled with the unique blend, with a few suggesting a need to shower after looking at pictures of the mayonnaise based ice cream.


Despite the off-putting idea, ICE owner Kyle Gentleman told Today Food that his shop’s mayo ice cream is a “full on hit of fat and cream followed with an eggy milky aftertaste”, though Buzzfeed reports some who’ve tasted the creation suggest the ‘eggy aftertaste’ is minimal at best (thankfully).

Gentleman currently has no intentions of bringing mayo ice cream stateside, so if you feel like beating the heat with a cone of mayo ice cream, you’ll have to head across the pond. Me? I’ll just stick to my chocolate chip cookie dough and a refreshing shower.