Woman Drives To Police Station To Bail Out Drunk Friend, Gets Arrested For Being Drunk

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Friends don’t let friends drive drunk, sure. Even more so, friends don’t let drunk friends go pick up the car you were just arrested in so that you can go down to the police station and try to bail you out.

Let me explain.

Drunk Woman Gets Arrested After Driving To Police Station To Bail Out Drunk Friend

The fine police officers of Slidell, Louisiana posted on social media over the weekend regarding their recent DWI arrest. But what happened after the arrest will blow your mind.

Police say they pulled over a car and arrested a driver on suspicion of being drunk. The car was left in the parking lot and the passengers from said car got a cab ride home. However, police then say a woman who had been in the car later went back to pick it up before driving to the police station to try to bail her friend out.


… Only, she was still drunk, so they put her in jail, too.

This double arrest is what Slidell Police called the “lesson of the day.”

It’s worth reading the comments if you click on the post. Some of the most common include “you can’t fix stupid,” or “Just another day in the ‘Dirty Dell’ or most commonly known now The New New Orleans East”

The names of the two people arrested haven’t been released. But we’re guessing they rhyme with tweedle-g and tweedle-gum.

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Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports and a contributor for Mandatory.


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