Fizzed and Buzzed: Pepsi Coffee Is Here, Essentially Legalized Coke

Regular Pepsi is chock full of caffeine, enough to provide a pick-me-up during a tiring workday. If we don’t feel like imbibing a can, we can pour ourselves a cup of high-octane coffee. Combining the two is something no one ever felt was necessary. That is, until now. That’s because Pepsi announced a coffee-infused cola coming in 2020. It’s called Pepsi Café and it’s exactly as it seems. It’s cola and coffee, our two favorite caffeinated vices together at last. In case you’re wondering, the brand didn’t lower the amount of caffeine to make way for the additional buzz from the coffee. This bad boy contains double the stimulant of a regular can of Pepsi.

Also, since we’re not all fans of black coffee, it’s nice to know this caffeinated collaboration comes in two varieties: regular and vanilla. So, look forward to a super buzzed, very alert 2020 because drinking a few of these is bound to keep you jittery and awake for a few hours before you eventually pass out and don’t wake up for 12 hours. This makes us wonder what it will look like when you finally hit that wall after the caffeine wears off and you find yourself in a coma. Like anything, there are GIFs for that.

Photo: Pepsi

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