New Coca-Cola Line Infused With Coffee (Because What Coke Needs Is More Caffeine)

People seem to be putting coffee in everything these days: ice cream, beer, even cereal. But one thing we didn’t think needed any more caffeine is getting infused with your favorite morning beverage. We’re talking about Coca-Cola.

We know there are monsters out there who start the day with soda, but this new hybrid drink has really gone too far. It’s called (unimaginatively) Coca-Cola with Coffee. It’s mixed with Brazilian coffee for a whopping 69 milligrams of caffeine per 12-ounce can. (That’s twice the jolt of regular Coke for those who are counting.) While the caffeine packs a wallop, the flavor is said to contain just a “hint of coffee” in dark, vanilla, or caramel varieties.

If you’re dying to try these buzzy beverages, you’ll sadly have to wait until January 2021 when the cans slide onto shelves. As for us, we’ll spread out our caffeine throughout the day – and maintain the sacred categories of morning and afternoon drinks.

Cover Photo: Coca-Cola

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