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Alicia Silverstone Hilariously Recreates Another ‘Clueless’ Scene With Son (Just Remake the Movie Already)

Alicia Silverstone debuted on TikTok with a hilarious video featuring a recreation of a classic Clueless scene alongside her son, Bear Blu. Now, she’s back again with a comic resurrection of her most famous character.

In a new TikTok video celebrating the 26th anniversary of the comedy film’s premiere, the 44-year-old actress reprised her role as ditzy rich girl Cher Horowitz. Her son played Cher’s attorney father, complete with suit coat, button-down shirt, and oversized glasses. In the scene, Cher and her dad are arguing over Cher’s silk dress, which he thinks is inappropriate.

@aliciasilverstoneWhat’s up daddy?! Today marks 26 years since #Clueless premiered!

♬ original sound – Alicia Silverstone

“What’s up Daddy?” Silverstone asks at the top of the scene.

“What the hell is that?” Bear asks her in a lip-sync of original actor Dan Hendaya’s lines.

“A dress,” Silverstone says with a shrug.

“Says who?”

“Calvin Klein.”

It’s amazing how little Silverstone – and the humor in this scene – have aged. Now if only she could convince Bear to do a remake of the entire film…

Cover Photos: @aliciasilverstone (TikTok)



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