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Meanwhile on TikTok: Jennifer Aniston Look-Alike Goes Viral For Rachel Green Impersonation, Forgot to Blast the Nips

Let there be no debate: our favorite character on Friends was Rachel Green. Not only was she played by the gorgeous Jennifer Aniston but she also was the only woman on the show we could actually imagine being more than friends with.

So it was with great pleasure that we discovered a viral Jennifer Aniston impersonator on TikTok (because, let’s face it, the real Jennifer Aniston can only post so much social media content). Her name is Lisa Tranel and she goes by the handle @she_plusthree.

In a recent video, the TikToker lip-synced a scene from a 1997 episode titled “The One Where Chandler Can’t Remember Which Sister.”

“I want to quit, but then I think I should stick it out,” Tranel mouths. “Then, I think why would such a person stay in such a demeaning job just because it’s remotely related to the field they are interested in?”

The original TikTok video – which had over 2.5 million views – has been removed, but we found a recording on YouTube.

The resemblance between Tranel and Aniston was so uncanny, Tranel actually had to add “not Jennifer Aniston” to her bio. No word – bad or good – from the original Rachel Green regarding the impersonation – though there was one glaring omission: no nips.

We don’t know what happened to Tranel and her TikTok account, but we hope some vindictive entertainment lawyers didn’t get to her. Here’s hoping there’s more fake Friends material in our future.

Cover Photos: NBC / YouTube



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