40-Year-Old ‘Clueless’ Star Alicia Silverstone Goes Completely Naked For Animal Rights

Photo: Jason LaVeris (Getty)

Hey, remember Alicia Silverstone? Sure you do, she was huge in the ’90s, with her most notable roles being the iconic Cher on Clueless with the now crazy Stacey Dash, and of course her role as Batgirl in the garbage-film Batman & Robin. Well guess what? She showed off her bare butt in the name of animal rights.

While you already know how to find out if your friend is secretly vegan, the 40-year-old Silverstone made it very clear that she’s vegan and not for wearing wool or minx. And how did she make that clear? Well, by teaming up with PETA and showing her bum. Check it out below thanks to PETA’s Twitter:

Oh hey, there’s also this one:

Now obviously this won’t put me on the vegan path, as I like to stuff my face with grossness, but I do appreciate Silverstone getting naked to send a message. I mean, at least she got the attention of folks. Will this stop them from eating meat? No, but at least she’s relevant again for a little bit.

And at least we have a tad more Silverstone for you thanks to her Instagram:

A photo posted by Alicia Silverstone (@aliciasilverstone) on

A photo posted by Alicia Silverstone (@aliciasilverstone) on

A photo posted by Alicia Silverstone (@aliciasilverstone) on

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