Meanwhile in India: Watch a Monkey Broke Drinking Kahlúa in a Liquor Store


Whenever we see a news story featuring a monkey doing a very un-monkey-like thing, we instantly click on it. There are few things in life funnier than a monkey riding a bike, wearing human clothes, or stealing a fanny pack or full backpack from a hapless tourist. The pinnacle of primate humor though is a monkey taking food or drinks that don’t belong to it and eating or imbibing it right in front of the human it stole it from. This is exactly what happened recently in India.

This monkey specifically is a macaque monkey and it’s taking the internet by storm because someone took photos and video of this particular primate committing a fairly humorous crime in the Mandla district of Madhya Pradesh in India.

No, this monkey didn’t mug someone using a banana as its comical weapon of choice. Instead, the animal broke into a liquor store and grabbed a bottle of Kahlua from a display. But, instead of just smashing it and other bottles up, it did exactly what we’d do in this situation. Using its paws and teeth, it unscrewed the top and began to slowly sip the beverage.

Obviously, instead of being mad at this theft, the onlooking crowd cheered in approval. Who could possibly get mad at a tiny monkey who simply wants to get its drink on, right? Even the man working at the store didn’t really react because we can only assume it’s better to just let the monkey enjoy its drink in hopes that it will simply meander away after. Let’s hope the animal doesn’t go tell all of its monkey friends about this free liquor store. Otherwise, they might have a real problem on their hands.


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