Boyfriend of the Year: Man Who Couldn’t Swim Rode Jet Ski Across Irish Sea to Visit Girlfriend (And Went to Jail For It)

How far would you go to see your girlfriend? Would you ride your bike across town? Drive all day across state lines? Take a red-eye flight coast to coast? Well, even if you did all those things, you still wouldn’t be as dedicated as a particular enamored British man. That’s because he crossed the Irish Sea. On a jet-ski. And he doesn’t even know how to swim!

28-year-old Dale McLaughlan was missing his lady love, so naturally, he hopped on a water scooter and made his way across the body of water toward Isle of Man to see her. Never mind that this dude can’t swim and had never ridden a water scooter before; the potential danger didn’t stop him. The 25-mile journey took four-and-a-half hours, and by the time he arrived, he only had 10 minutes of fuel left.

“The craziest thing is he can’t even swim,” a family source told the Daily Mail about the Lothario, whom they described as a “nice lad, but thick as a brick.”

After arriving on dry land, McLaughlan then hoofed it 15 miles to his girlfriend Jessica Radcliffe’s home. Unfortunately, their reunion was short-lived, because while out drinking, he was stopped by authorities, who arrested him for unlawful entry. Though his defense attorney argued that McLaughlan suffered from depression due to being separated from his girlfriend, the law apparently didn’t agree. His jail sentence? Four weeks, meaning he not only missed the holidays with his sweetheart, but with his two kids as well. (Oof.)

People who hear of McLaughlan’s plight say he “deserves a medal, not prison.” We couldn’t agree more. We’re barely willing to pay for an Uber to get to our girlfriend’s place, much less make a harrowing trip like this one. She must be something special.

Cover Photo: New York Post

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