The Mandatory Boyfriend Handbook to Buying Clothes For Your Girlfriend, Inspired by Melania Trump’s RNC Appearance

Photo: BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI  (Getty Images)

In all honesty, we would never attempt to buy our wife or girlfriend clothes. It’s a losing battle from jump street. Even if we managed to find the correct size through sheer random guessing, we’re bound to offend them with the color scheme, logo, or something as simple as the length of the sleeves. But, if we were going to take the cold, dark plunge into the icy waters of actually buying clothes for our significant other, it would be a lot easier if we had a palate to base the style on.

Since we’re not sure where else to look, we decided to take our cue from the unique style Melania Trump displayed at last week’s Republican National Convention. Check out our Melania-based tips below.

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